Sub-Saharan Africa has immense riches in gold, gems and rare minerals, in recent years there has been discoveries of oil and gas off East Africa – this discoveries, as predicted by experts, would make the region a leading exporter of hydrocarbons by 2030, however, for this prediction to come to pass, there must be combined and sustained investments, from within and outside the continent.

At the moment, Africa countries supplies about 11% of the world oil with significant untapped reserves estimated at 8% of the world proven reserves, 80% of this production comes from Nigeria, Libya, Algeria, Egypt, Angola, Ghana and Uganda.

Despite Africa huge riches, its citizens wallow in poverty, Africa has the highest levels of poverty in the world, hence, the citizens scavenge the world space for greener pasture, while unrest and internecine war ravages the home front, this misnomer must change through global interventions- the peace and progress of Africa should be a collective concern to all and be considered with global perspective.

Africa with a population of one billion people, with highest human reproductive capacity in the world, this population can be doubled in no time, here-in lies the challenge to global peace, progress and security, if nothing is done to stem the ugly tide of poverty, we can all assume a restive band of youth with no means of survival, we can only imagine the outcome.

The value of natural resources extracted each year in Africa is estimated at roughly 400 – 500 billion USD, but more than half of this revenue does not get back to Africa, we must all call for global accountability on Africa.



Larry Segun-Lean