Ace Global berths world class lab in Nigeria


As part of its commitment to offer top laboratory services in both refined Petroleum Products and agricultural commodities, Ace Global Depository has embarked on upgrading and improving its services and commitment to clients by offering top quality petroleum testing laboratory services, with prompt response time and at an affordable price obtained in the industry.

With fully equipped laboratory and professional chemists who carry out tests in accordance with ASTM, IMPCA, IP, ISO, Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) and other international standards, the new laboratories ensure quick turnaround time of sample collection and dispatch of tests result.

In a chat with the Relationship Manager, Lauren Ubanozie, M&P gathered that ACE Global Pre-discharge petroleum laboratory follows accepted industry testing standards and is strategically placed globally to support client petroleum exploration, production, refining and distribution.

According to Ubanozie, “The laboratory is skilled in hydrocarbon- based related tests and others such as quality control, trouble-shooting, problem-solving and research support.”

“Our pre-discharge petroleum laboratory uses the most current and reliable techniques and technologies to save clients’ money and help meet their quality and regulatory standards. In addition, the quality test analysis of the refined products (PMS, DPK, ATK, AGO), provides the client with a genuine and guaranteed test result certification presentable and acceptable by any regulatory body within and outside the country,” she added.

Ubanozie further stated that Ace Global Laboratory’s tests analysis parameters capabilities include: Flash point test, Distillation test, Colour test, Appearance test, Vapour pressure test, Sulphur test, Octane number test, and Density test.

She noted that lab also offers an extensive range of third party inspection services as well as accurate, independent testing and provision of internationally recognized certification covering agro-commodities.



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